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Family Physician

Anna Chaika

M.D., Ph.D., Family Physician, Gastroenterologist

Dr. Chaika graduated from Odessa State Medical University in 2010 in the field of Family Medicine. In 2012 Dr. Chaika was certified in General Practice and Family Medicine after completing her internship at the Center of Reconstructive and Restorative Medicine (University Clinic of Odessa National Medical University).

In addition to her professional education Dr. Chaika participated in a project “The East European Network of Excellence for Research and Development in Chronic Diseases CHRONEX-RD” at the Moldova State University of Medicine and Pharmacy while also attending the GCP Training at State Exert Center at the Ministry of Health in Ukraine (2014).

Dr. Anna Chaika speaks fluent English, Russian and Ukrainian.

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How PCR and Antibody Testing differ from each other?

  • The PCR test takes a swab from the back of the nose and throat and looks for the presence of the virus itself.
  • The Antibody testing looks at a blood sample for antibodies generated in the body in response to the virus, showing whether or not the person tested has been exposed to it in the past.
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