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Wuhan Virus

With a continuing number of cases of Wuhan virus – some 7,711 in China there is obviously continued concern about the spread of virus, although to date very few cases have been diagnosed in Europe and none in the countries where AMC Clinics operate – Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication

For people with elevated blood pressure, there’s a wide variety of drugs and medical devices that can help bring blood pressure to a safer level. For many patients, the prospect of taking a simple medication is seen as easier and more appealing than undergoing lifestyle changes.

How to use Fiber to Maximize its Benefits?

Fiber is an important component of a healthy diet that suppresses hunger, reduces cholesterol and glucose in the blood. Supplementation fiber to the diet will reduce the risk of chronic diseases and maintain excellent physical shape. The recommended daily dose is from 25 to 30 grams.

Christmas Healthy Recipes

Christmas is a time of traditional family feasts. Do not forget about the principles of healthy eating, because even Christmas meals can be healthy. What is a healthy Christmas food?

What Do You Know about Winter Allergies?

Weather is a common allergy trigger.  Bad weather also is. You can have water eyes on windy  or stuffy when it rains. The connection between your symptoms and the weather depends on what you’re allergic to. You can’t prevent an allergy. But if you know you’re allergic, you can take steps to avoid a reaction.

All About BORAGE

Borage – a fuzzy-leaved herb with sky-blue flowers and a light cucumber taste can be used in fruit salads, green salads or frozen in ice cubes for cold drinks.

How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is all about chocolate and sweets. However, using some of these tips will keep your kids, party guests, or trick-or-treaters happy and healthy! Here’s to a healthier Halloween! AMC  wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween!

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