Healthy Child Premium - medical care program from AMC Odessa

Healthy Child Premium

Schedule of Health Services

Services Limitations
AMC Pediatrician consultations and treatment Unlimited
AMC Pediatrician home visit 4 visits (in case of sickness)
AMC nurse consultations and treatment Unlimited
AMC nurse home visit 2 visits (then $35)
Specialist Consultations

(By AMC Pediatrician referral Only)

Unlimited (prescribed by AMC)
Prescribed outpatient medical procedures Unlimited
Prescribed diagnostic testing, including:

(Electrocardiography, Neurosonography, Ultrasound, X-Rays)

Except MRI
Prescribed laboratory investigations in AMC

(CBC, Urine analysis, Stool test)

Except Allergy panel
Validity 365 days
Annual Member Fee 690 USD
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  • Dr. Olena SYRMA
  • Dr. Olga Zayets
  • Dr. Anna CHAIKA
  • Dr. Kateryna CHIMBER
  • Dr. Yuriy PAVLYCHKO
  • Dr. Natalia KASHTALIAN
  • Family Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatricians
  • Other specialists
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