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Child Check, School Entry

School or Kindergarten entry often requires a medical certificate or maybe you have general concerns about your child’s health or just require a routine check. All of these are covered in our Package which includes a consultation, examination and basic tests to ensure that your child is healthy and developing normally. Weight and height are checked and a full blood count checks for anaemia and normal blood cells, a stool test checks for any parasite infection, a glucose check for diabetes and a cardiogram (if never performed before) to check for any rhythm abnormalities. Any certification is provided within the package price.


  • Consultation, Examination to include weight and height, recommendations by Pediatrician OR Consultation, Examination and Certification for Kindergarten / School entry to National requirements
  • Complete blood count (Red and white cells in the blood and their distribution)
  • Urine analysis (Kidney function and Diabetes)
  • Stool test for parasites, bacteria
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • ECG (To check for heart enlargement and rhythm abnormalities)
  • Fasting Glucose (To check for Diabetes)
  • Treatment plan
  • Vaccination Review & Certificate
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  • Dr. Halyna BOSHKOVA
  • Dr. Yevgeniia VASINA
  • Dr. Iryna ANCHEVA
  • Dr. Olena SYRMA
  • Dr. Anna CHAIKA
  • Dr. Kateryna CHIMBER
  • Dr. Yuriy PAVLYCHKO
  • Family Medicine
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatricians
  • Other specialists
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